The things you want to know about Mandalas

You Just Didn’t Know You Wanted To Ask The first thing people say when they hear the word Mandala is  “Aren’t they those things with intricate shapes and lots of colors, like from Buddhism or something?’ My answer is: “Yes, they are, but that’s only one kind.  Anything drawn in a circle is a Mandala,... Continue Reading →

7 reasons why you don’t ask for help.

Do you ask for help when you need it ? Often what we want or need is at our fingertips but we forget to do the most basic, simple thing to get it: Ask.  Instead, we work really hard to get it on our own, give up before we even try, or worst of all, feel resentful and frustrated because the person we want help from doesn’t magically know we need it.

Catch Yourself – use your imagination for good, not evil

Our mind is a powerful place and left to its own devices, doesn’t distinguish between predictive thoughts and reality... Awareness is (almost) everything.  If we can become aware of our thoughts, we can do something about them.  We can we can start to change them.  And when we change our thoughts, we change the way we perceive the world… and that, my friends, means we see opportunities and create possibilities.

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